What is Phishing?

While phishing is starting to show up in many different forums,  it’s basically the practice of tricking someone on the Web in order to retrieve their sensitive personal information: passwords, banking information.

This is coming highly common on miniplanet, if you recieve a link from webs, wix, weebly or any other free website maker and it contains information about source codes, email adresses or passwords.

Identifing Phishers!

Here is some factors and points to identifing a phishing site;

  • The site may state it is ran by a mod, well mod’s WON’T give out free money or ask for personal information.
  • Always look at the URL first as a fake Facebook homepage can appear.
  • You will be asked for a source code.
  • Their may be listed steps to adding passwords or source codes.

Reporting Phishers!

Suzy has once said if you ever come across a phishing site, report the site as abusive and seeking personal details, to the overall site host itself (ie wix support) and explain that the site is asking for personal details, also email Suzy as she can also email the site host which would eventually see in the site being closed.

What is a Source Code?

The source code is the code of your internet page which when entered automatically leads you to that page, passing all security measures (ie logging into facebook). When you give out your source code, your page can be accessed at any time, no matter how frequently you change your password.

The best way to stop this after giving out your source code is to create a new Facebook account and deactivate the old one, to prevent this happening again.

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