Price Guide

Welcome to The MiniPlanet Voice price guide! Our price guide lists every release and item since the start of MiniPlanet to present (Providing its not still in store). Click on the images below to get started ! If you dont know what your item is, or where it is from, feel free to email us with a image of your item at, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Prices are determined by sale prices at the point of update, NOT Auctions. We try and keep our prices updated every 5 days. You can check when the item was last updated by clicking on your item, and then locate the time and date on the right hand side.

Due to items currently changing so rapidly these past following weeks, it is becoming increasing hard to keep up with prices, therefore we apologize for any minor mistakes. 

If you think any price, for whatever reason is not correct, then do not hesitate to contact us at stating the item, and correct price. It will then be looked into and changed.

Images Credit Goes To Emporium

27 comments on “Price Guide

  1. Theyve been changed within 3 days all of them. As you said Sales change so much its hard to keep track, although we cant change them every day. Its a ideal goal, but hard to achieve. Prices are represented by sales at the point at update, which as a said was 3 days ago. Any prices which are way out please email us with info. :)

  2. This was very helpful for me, so thanks for that and i was also wondering, will you guys be putting up prices of collections in your price guide , or at least the ones that are worth gold so we know how much they are credit wise thank you :)

  3. Any way to get smaller pictures of all the items to print would make it great to know what all mini planet has offered through the years. And i could just glance at the pages to see what someone is selling. not sure if what i have asked makes sense, but in my mind it does lol

  4. ya’ll updated it huh? pretty nice! i love how it takes me to another webpage when i pick a category so i dont have to keep on pressing the arrow

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